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1x UltraRadiance LED Light Therapy 

- Younger, Clearer Skin
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Anti-Aging Pack

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Skin Rejuvenation Pack
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Gillian M. · New York, NY
I’m 60 years old and have used UltraRadiance three times. I can honestly say my skin, especially in the cheek areas have smoothed, and the jowls have tightened. I used a hydration serum as I’m still awaiting my UltraRadiance Serum. All I can say is, it works!
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36 ·
Tue Apr 27 2021 18:40:37 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
3:57 PM
Laura A. · Miami, FL
The before and after photos on the site had me skeptical, but I already have noticed a difference after using it for two weeks. My skin feels smoother and looks healthier.
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14 ·
Tue Apr 27 2021 18:40:37 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
9:32 AM
Jane M. · Boston, MA
It worked on my age spots on my hands. Did the left one first then when I saw the results, I used it on my right hand. Amazing. Also really makes your face feel good and it’s great for absorbing moisture. Seems to be helping me.
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12 ·
Tue Apr 27 2021 18:40:37 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
4:04 PM

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question:How often should I use UltraRadiance on my skin?
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We recommend using the device for around 10 minutes 3-5 times per week for the best results.

Question: What should I do after using UltraRadiance?
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After using UltraRadiance, we recommend applying your favorite products from your skincare routine. Your skin will react better to the products, and you’ll notice enhanced results.

Question:Do I need a serum?
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You do not need a serum to use the device, but we do recommend using one for optimal results. You can purchase the UltraRadiance Collagen Boosting Serum on our website. Alternatively, you can use and apply your preferred serum.

Question: Should I be feeling a tingling sensation while using UltraRadiance?
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Yes! A tingling sensation is normal. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. If it does, please use a lower power setting and work your way up as you become more comfortable.

Question:Should the device get hot?
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It’s completely normal for the device to heat up during use as a result of the LEDs. It should still be comfortable to use and create a warm sensation on your skin.

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